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Oxidative and drug-induced alterations in brush border membrane hemileaflet fluidity, functional consequences for glucose transport.

Oxidation of biological membranes has been suggested as a major pathological process in a variety of disease states including intestinal ischemia and inflammatory bowel disease. Previous studies on the small intestinal brush border membrane have shown that part of the decrease in the activity of the Na(+)-dependent glucose transporter (SGLT1) observed after oxidation could be secondary to the derangement in membrane fluidity that accompanied oxidative damage. The present study examined the relationship between oxidative-induced hemileaflet fluidity alterations and the resultant change in Na(+)-dependent glucose transport activity. To address this issue, in vitro oxidation of guinea pig brush border membrane vesicles was induced by incubation of the vesicles with ferrous sulfate and ascorbate. We found that oxidation decreased the fluidity of both the outer and inner hemileaflets, the decrease being greater in the outer leaflet. Moreover, the preferential alteration in hemileaflet fluidity was accompanied by a decrease in glucose transport. However, when membrane perturbing agents such as hexanol and A(2)C were used to restore membrane fluidity to levels comparable to controls, rates of glucose transport could not be interpreted in terms of variation of bulk membrane fluidity or variation in fluidity of any specific membrane leaflet. On the basis of these experiments, we propose that previous studies that reported coincidental alteration in membrane fluidity and glucose transport cannot be interpreted on the basis of bulk fluidity or hemileaflet fluidity.[1]


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