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Androgen deficiency in women.

Physiological and pathological processes as well as iatrogenic interventions may result in androgen deficiency compared with levels in young healthy women. Whether relative androgen deficiency results in a clinical syndrome similar to that reported in men, including osteopenia, increased fat mass, decreased libido, and diminished quality of life, has not been definitively established. However, preliminary data in postmenopausal women suggest that physiological androgen replacement therapy, which involves substantially lower doses than those used in men, may result in increased bone mineral density, increased libido, and improved quality of life. The safety of androgen preparations that result in supraphysiological levels has not been established in women and would be expected to result in hirsutism, acne, and virilization with chronic use. Androgen preparations that avoid liver metabolism and result in physiological serum androgen levels in women with androgen deficiency are not currently available, but are in development. Therefore, although widespread screening and hormone replacement for androgen deficiency cannot be recommended yet, increasing interest in this topic makes consideration of the available data important.[1]


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