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Bone Diseases, Metabolic

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  • Osteopenia associated with renal transplantation remains a problem in the cyclosporine era [11].
  • The importance of this regulatory mechanism for bone homeostasis is emphasized by the observation that mice deficient in IFN-beta signalling exhibit severe osteopenia (loss of bone mass) accompanied by enhanced osteoclastogenesis [12].
  • It appears that at present, serum BGP is the one bone protein that has the most promise for assisting in the diagnosis and management of high turnover metabolic bone disease states [13].
  • These results identify Fos as a key regulator of osteoclast-macrophage lineage determination in vivo and provide insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying metabolic bone diseases [14].
  • CONCLUSIONS--Long-term thyroid hormone use at thyroxine-equivalent doses of 1.6 micrograms/kg or greater was associated with significant osteopenia at the ultradistal radius, midshaft radius, hip, and lumbar spine [15].

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  • By generating CD44(-/-) human TNF-transgenic (hTNFtg) mice, we show that destruction of joints and progressive crippling is far more severe in hTNFtg mice lacking CD44, which also develop severe generalized osteopenia [31].
  • Mice lacking the IRS-1 gene IRS-1(-/-) showed severe osteopenia with low bone turnover [26].
  • RESULTS: Eight- and 12-week-old IL-10-/- mice developed osteopenia of both cancellous and cortical bone, evidenced by lower femoral ash weight, cancellous bone area and surface, trabecular number, and decreased cortical bone area and width [21].
  • Unexpectedly, Cbfa1 transgenic mice showed osteopenia with multiple fractures [32].
  • In summary, we present Fhl2-deficient mice as a unique model for osteopenia due to decreased osteoblast activity [33].

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