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Expression of cytokeratins and vimentin in normal and neoplastic tissue from the bovine female reproductive tract.

The distribution of cytokeratins (CKs) and vimentin in the normal genital tract of calves and cows at different stages of the oestrous cycle and in epithelial tumours of the tract was studied immunohistochemically. Few differences in CK and vimentin immunolabelling were detected in relation to age or stage of the oestrous cycle. Coexpression of CKs in simple epithelia and in basal cells of stratified epithelia was detected in the oviduct and endocervix; this coexpression was different from that previously described in women. The demonstration of CKs but not vimentin in the neoplastic cells of a serous superficial ovarian papilloma suggested an origin from the ovarian surface epithelium, while the coexpression of CKs and vimentin in serous papillary and mucinous cystadenomas pointed to a possible origin from the rete ovarii. Studies on three uterine adenocarcinomas and the ovarian metastases from two of these showed an endometrial-CK phenotype. The intermediate filament profile of normal endometrium, conserved in uterine adenocarcinomas and their ovarian metastases, may be useful in discriminating between ovarian metastases from endometrial carcinomas and those originating from primary carcinomas in other organs.[1]


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