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Kinetics of plasma cytokine levels in children hyposensitized with wasp venom.

Specific immunotherapy shifts immune responses towards a Th0/Th1 response. Production of chemokines is also decreased early after the initiation of rush venom immunotherapy. We aimed to investigate in vivo whether cytokine plasma levels reflect the shift towards a Th0-Th1 pattern of immune response as seen in vitro in lymphocytes from patients undergoing venom immunotherapy. Therefore, we studied plasma levels of various cytokines before (day 1), during (day 2), and after (day 4) rush immunotherapy in nine wasp-allergic children. The levels of interleukin-5 and IFN-gamma were below the detection threshold. No variations were observed in levels of interleukin-4, interleukin-10, and TNF-alpha. In contrast, mean levels of RANTES transiently increased at day 2, and decreased below the pretreatment levels at day 4. Those alterations were significant in five children with high levels of RANTES at day 1, and reporting severe anaphylaxis. In the four other children, the levels of RANTES were not significantly increased at day 4. These results suggest that RANTES plasma levels are positively correlated with the severity of the reaction to hymenoptera venom, and that a significant decrease in the levels of RANTES occurs only in children with high pretreatment levels. However, the kinetics of RANTES plasma levels correlated neither with the results of allergological tests, nor with the outcome of venom immunotherapy.[1]


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