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Plant defense in the absence of jasmonic acid: the role of cyclopentenones.

The Arabidopsis opr3 mutant is defective in the isoform of 12-oxo-phytodienoate (OPDA) reductase required for jasmonic acid (JA) biosynthesis. Oxylipin signatures of wounded opr3 leaves revealed the absence of detectable 3R,7S-JA as well as altered levels of its cyclopentenone precursors OPDA and dinor OPDA. In contrast to JA-insensitive coi1 plants and to the fad3 fad7 fad8 mutant lacking the fatty acid precursors of JA synthesis, opr3 plants exhibited strong resistance to the dipteran Bradysia impatiens and the fungus Alternaria brassicicola. Analysis of transcript profiles in opr3 showed the wound induction of genes previously known to be JA-dependent, suggesting that cyclopentenones could fulfill some JA roles in vivo. Treating opr3 plants with exogenous OPDA powerfully up-regulated several genes and disclosed two distinct downstream signal pathways, one through COI1, the other via an electrophile effect of the cyclopentenones. We conclude that the jasmonate family cyclopentenone OPDA (most likely together with dinor OPDA) regulates gene expression in concert with JA to fine-tune the expression of defense genes. More generally, resistance to insect and fungal attack can be observed in the absence of JA.[1]


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