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The genes encoding E-selectin (SELE) and lymphotactin (SCYC1) lie on separate chicken chromosomes although they are closely linked in human and mouse.

Three differentially expressed selectin genes (SELE, SELP, and SELL), important in the initial stages of leukocyte extravasation, have been reported in mammals. All three genes map close to the chemokine SCYC1 (small inducible cytokine subfamily C, member 1) in a large conserved chromosomal segment that extends from RXRG (retinoic acid receptor, gamma) to TNNT2 (troponin T2) on Chromosome (Chr) 1 in both human and mouse. In the mouse, we demonstrate that Sele is flanked by Prrx1 ( paired-related homeobox gene 1) and Scyc1 and define the order of, and distances between, loci as centromere-Prrx1-(0.7+/-0.7 cM)-Sele-(1.2+/-0.9 cM)-Scyc1-telomere. In the chicken, we isolated BAC clones containing PRRX1, SELE, and SCYC1 and positioned them by fluorescent in situ hybridization. SELE and PRRX1 mapped to the short arm of chicken Chr 8 and SCYC1 mapped to the region equivalent to 1q11-1q13 on the long arm of chicken Chr 1. The location of SELE on chicken Chr 8 was independently established by linkage analysis of COM0185, an (AT)16 microsatellite locus identified in a BAC clone that contained SELE. COM0185 was linked to several loci that mapped to one end of chicken Chr 8, with the order of loci, and genetic distances (in cM) between them defined as MSU0435, MSU0325-(7.8+/-3.7)-COM0185-(5.8+/-3.2)-ROS0338-(9.6+/-4.0)-ABR0322-(3.8+/-2.6)-GLUL. We have therefore positioned an evolutionary breakpoint in mammals and chickens between SELE and SCYC1. Furthermore, comparative mapping analysis of the RXRG-TNNT2 chromosomal segment that is conserved on human and mouse Chr 1 indicates that it is divided into four segments in the chicken, each of which maps to a different chromosome.[1]


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