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Gingival crevicular fluid matrix metalloproteinase-8 levels following adjunctive use of meloxicam and initial phase of periodontal therapy.

BACKGROUND: The purpose of the present study was to assess the effects of adjunctive meloxicam on the matrix metalloproteinase-8 (MMP-8) levels of gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) in chronic periodontitis patients following the initial phase of periodontal therapy. METHODS: Twelve chronic periodontitis patients received 7.5 mg meloxicam, and 10 patients received placebo tablets together with scaling and root planing in a 1 x 1 regimen for 10 days. Scaling and root planing were performed on day 3 of drug intake. The MMP-8 levels in GCF samples obtained before and on day 10 of drug intake were determined by using the immunofluorescence assay. Plaque index (PI), papilla bleeding index (PBI), and GCF MMP-8 levels were compared within each patient group, between the 2 patient groups, and also with a clinically healthy control group using non-parametric statistical analyses. RESULTS: Both meloxicam and placebo groups showed statistically significant reductions in PBI, PI, and GCF MMP-8 levels on day 10 compared to baseline (P<0.01). The GCF MMP-8 level on day 10 in the meloxicam group was similar to the clinically healthy control group (P>0.05), while it was significantly higher in the placebo group (P<0.01). Positive correlations were found between MMP-8 total amounts and PBI scores at baseline and day 10 of drug intake in the patient groups. CONCLUSIONS: Meloxicam showed a tendency to reduce GCF MMP-8 levels in vivo within the first 10 days when used as an adjunct in the initial phase of periodontal treatment that consists of scaling and root planing. Verification of this effect on collagenase-2 downregulation, as well as on the clinical periodontal parameters in long-term studies using larger test and control groups, is needed to provide further support for the adjunctive use of selective cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 inhibitors in the treatment of chronic periodontitis.[1]


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