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Acute toxicity of chlorophenols to earthworms using a simple paper contact method and comparison with toxicities to fresh water organisms.

An acute toxicity test of chlorophenols on earthworms (Eisenia fetida) was performed using a simple paper contact method proposed by OECD testing guideline no. 207, that were applied as an earthworm toxicity test. The median lethal concentration, EC50, had significant correlation with logP(ow) (1-octanol/water partition coefficient) of the chemicals. The toxicity of chlorophenols on E. fetida was compared with toxicities for other species: an algae (Selenostrum capricornutum), a crustacean (Daphnia magna), and a fish (Oryzias latipes). It was found that the toxicity of chlorophenols was almost same for E. fetida and for fresh water organisms. These results suggest the possibility of drawing correlations between the effects of pollutants on living things in different environments, fresh water and soil.[1]


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