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Menstrual abnormalities and polycystic ovary syndrome in women taking valproate for bipolar mood disorder.

BACKGROUND: Valproate treatment has been associated with high rates of menstrual abnormalities, hyperandrogenism, and polycystic ovaries in women with epilepsy. This pilot study investigated whether valproate treatment had the same associations in women with bipolar disorder. METHOD: One hundred forty outpatient women with a DSM-IV diagnosis of bipolar disorder (aged 15-45 years) were surveyed on their medical, psychiatric, and reproductive health history. Thirty-two women met entry criteria for the study and were divided into 2 groups: (1) those currently receiving valproate (valproate, N = 17) and (2) those who were not currently taking valproate (nonvalproate, N = 15). These 2 groups were compared with a normal (never diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder) control group of 22 women. Women in the valproate group with current menstrual problems (N = 7) underwent further assessment for the presence of polycystic ovaries and hyperandrogenism. RESULTS: The age at onset of menses, mean length of menstrual cycle, and mean length of menses were not significantly different between the groups. Significantly more women reported menstrual abnormalities in the valproate group (47%) than women not receiving valproate (13%) and controls (0%). Forty-one percent of women with bipolar disorder taking valproate had polycystic ovary syndrome. CONCLUSION: These results suggest high rates of menstrual disturbances and polycystic ovary syndrome in women with bipolar disorder currently receiving valproate.[1]


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