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The mcm5-bob1 bypass of Cdc7p/Dbf4p in DNA replication depends on both Cdk1-independent and Cdk1-dependent steps in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

The roles in DNA replication of two distinct protein kinases, Cdc7p/Dbf4p and Cdk1p/Clb (B-type cyclin), were studied. This was accomplished through a genetic and molecular analysis of the mechanism by which the mcm5-bob1 mutation bypasses the function of the Cdc7p/Dbf4p kinase. Genetic experiments revealed that loss of either Clb5p or Clb2p cyclins suppresses the mcm5-bob1 mutation and prevents bypass. These two cyclins have distinct roles in bypass and presumably in DNA replication as overexpression of one could not complement the loss of the other. Furthermore, the ectopic expression of CLB2 in G1 phase cannot substitute for CLB5 function in bypass of Cdc7p/Dbf4p by mcm5-bob1. Molecular experiments revealed that the mcm5-bob1 mutation allows for constitutive loading of Cdc45p at early origins in arrested G1 phase cells when both kinases are inactive. A model is proposed in which the Mcm5-bob1 protein assumes a unique molecular conformation without prior action by either kinase. This conformation allows for stable binding of Cdc45p to the origin. However, DNA replication still cannot occur without the combined action of Cdk1p/Clb5p and Cdk1p/Clb2p. Thus Cdc7p and Cdk1p kinases catalyze the initiation of DNA replication at several distinct steps, of which only a subset is bypassed by the mcm5-bob1 mutation.[1]


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