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The Rho-associated protein kinase p160ROCK is required for centrosome positioning.

The p160-Rho-associated coiled-coil-containing protein kinase (ROCK) is identified as a new centrosomal component. Using immunofluorescence with a variety of p160ROCK antibodies, immuno EM, and depletion with RNA interference, p160ROCK is principally bound to the mother centriole (MC) and an intercentriolar linker. Inhibition of p160ROCK provoked centrosome splitting in G1 with the MC, which is normally positioned at the cell center and shows little motion during G1, displaying wide excursions around the cell periphery, similar to its migration toward the midbody during cytokinesis. p160ROCK inhibition late after anaphase in mitosis triggered MC migration to the midbody followed by completion of cell division. Thus, p160ROCK is required for centrosome positioning and centrosome-dependent exit from mitosis.[1]


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