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The thymocyte-specific MAR binding protein, SATB1, interacts in vitro with a novel variant of DNA-directed RNA polymerase II, subunit 11.

A yeast two-hybrid screen of a Jurkat (T cell) derived cDNA library, using SATB1 (a matrix attachment region binding protein) as the bait, yielded four independent isolates of a novel variant of the DNA directed RNA polymerase II, subunit 11 ( RPB11). Absence of lysine-17 from the amino terminus of this variant cannot be explained by alternative mRNA splicing. Instead, allele-specific PCR, combined with GenBank database searches, suggests that a recent gene duplication event has resulted in distinct loci encoding three variant forms of RPB11. Differential splicing of mRNA transcripts accounts for unique carboxy termini among the RPB11 proteins. The exclusive association of SATB1 with one form of RPB11 is influenced primarily by the N-terminal amino acid disparity, as deletion of the entire C terminus does not alter interaction affinity. Association of RPB11 with SATB1 maps between amino acids 58 and 222 of SATB1, a region that includes a PDZ-like dimerization motif.[1]


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