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Feedback regulation of beta-thujaplicin production and formation of its methyl ether in a suspension culture of Cupressus lusitanica.

Suspension cell cultures of Cupressus lusitanica produce beta-thujaplicin, a tropolone found mostly in Cupressaceae heartwood. The factors controlling beta-thujaplicin accumulation in this cell culture system were investigated. Initial cell density of the cultures did not affect beta-thujaplicin levels, though initial addition of beta-thujaplicin suppressed its de novo production. When beta-thujaplicin accumulation reached a certain level (ca. 40 mg/l) in the medium, the cultures seemed to cease beta-thujaplicin production. However, beta-thujaplicin productivity was restored when the beta-thujaplicin-containing medium was exchanged for fresh medium; the formation of 2-methoxy-6-(methylethyl)cyclohepta-2,4,6-trien-1-one, an isomer of methylated beta-thujaplicin, in medium was also observed. These results suggest that beta-thujaplicin synthesis was regulated by product feedback mechanism in this cell line, and that excess accumulation of beta-thujaplicin is relieved by conversion of beta-thujaplicin to its methyl ether.[1]


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