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BMP signaling positively regulates Nodal expression during left right specification in the chick embryo.

Exogenous application of BMP to the lateral plate mesoderm (LPM) of chick embryos at the early somite stage had a positive effect on Nodal expression. BMP applications into the right LPM were followed by a rapid activation of Nodal, while applications into the left LPM resulted in expansion of the normal domain of Nodal expression. Conversely, blocking of BMP signaling by Noggin in the left LPM interfered with the activation of Nodal expression. These results support a positive role for endogenous BMP on Nodal expression in the LPM. We also report that BMP positively regulates the expression of Caronte, Snail and Cfc in both the left and right LPM. BMP-treated embryos had molecular impairment of the midline with downregulation of Lefty1, Brachyury and Shh but we also show that the midline defect was not sufficient to induce ectopic Nodal expression. We discuss our findings in the context of the known molecular control of the specification of left-right asymmetry.[1]


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