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Biomembranes enriched with TGFbeta1 favor bone matrix protein expression by human osteoblasts in vitro.

The use of growth factors in oral tissue regeneration is currently under investigation. When growth factors are combined with commercial materials, the in vitro mechanisms of action still remain unclear. The present study first evaluated the capacity of barrier membranes, used in oral surgery, to sequester TGFbeta(1). Resorbable HYAFF, paroguide, poly DL-lactide and nonresorbable PTFE membranes were immersed in MEM containing 0.2 ng (125)I-TGFbeta(1) for different periods of time. It was found that HYAFF membrane and paroguide sequestered the most TGFbeta(1), which was then released in its active form (as shown by the CCL64 cell line bioassay). Untreated membranes and membranes enriched with TGFbeta(1) were then used as substrate for human bone cells to evaluate the synthesis of the osteoblast phenotype, as indicated by specific parameters. Results showed that membranes enriched with TGFbeta(1) increased alkaline phosphatase activity, collagen, and osteocalcin production more than untreated membranes. HYAFF and paroguide membranes, which sequestered the most of TGFbeta(1), were the most suitable for stimulating bone matrix proteins.[1]


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