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A-type natriuretic peptide receptor in the spontaneously hypertensive rat kidney.

Renal NPR-A binding characteristics was examined in SHR. Renal ANP binding sites of NPR-A showed a lower maximal binding capacity and higher affinity in SHR than in WKY at all intrarenal sites. Despite the lower B(max) in SHR, both ANP(1-28) and ANP(5-25) stimulate similar or greater cGMP production in isolated glomeruli. Studies on guanylate cyclase from glomerular and papillary membranes have reported an increased basal and stimulated guanylate cyclase activity in SHR. The present study provides further evidences for altered NPR-A receptors in SHR kidney, which might act as a negative feedback in response to hypertension.[1]


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