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PPARG F388L, a transactivation-deficient mutant, in familial partial lipodystrophy.

Autosomal dominant familial partial lipodystrophy (FPLD) due to mutant LMNA encoding nuclear lamin A/C is characterized by adipose tissue repartitioning together with multiple metabolic disturbances, including insulin resistance and dyslipidemia. There is emerging evidence that some rare mutations in peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPAR-gamma), encoded by PPARG, might be associated with human lipodystrophy. We report a three-generation Canadian kindred ascertained based upon partial lipodystrophy, with a normal LMNA gene sequence. Candidate gene sequencing showed that all four affected subjects were heterozygous for a novel T-->A mutation at PPARG nucleotide 1164 in exon 5 that predicted substitution of phenylalanine at codon 388 by leucine (F388L). The mutation was absent from normal family members and normal unrelated subjects, and altered a highly conserved residue within helix 8 of the predicted ligand-binding pocket of PPAR-gamma. The mutant receptor had significantly decreased basal transcriptional activity and impaired stimulation by a synthetic ligand. The germline transmission of a transactivation-deficient mutation in PPARG suggests that autosomal dominant partial lipodystrophy is genetically heterogeneous. Our findings are consistent with the idea that mutant PPARG can underlie the partial lipodystrophy phenotype.[1]


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