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Oxysterol-activated LXRalpha/RXR induces hSR-BI-promoter activity in hepatoma cells and preadipocytes.

SR-BI mediates exchange of cholesterol between HDL and cells, and is a crucial factor in the transport of excessive cellular cholesterol from extrahepatic tissues to the liver ("reverse cholesterol transport") and, therefore, also for cholesterol homeostasis. Hepatic SR-BI mediates transfer of HDL-cholesterol to the hepatocytes where cholesterol may be metabolised to bile acids. LXR and SREBP are key factors in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether these transcription factors are involved in the regulation of SR-BI. Here we show that LXRalpha/RXR and LXRbeta/RXR induce SR-BI transcription in human and murine hepatoma cell lines, and in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes independently of SREBP-1. The LXR/RXR response was mapped within -1,200 to -937 of the promoter region. Gel mobility shift analysis confirmed that the putative LXR response element bound LXRalpha/RXR and LXRbeta/RXR heterodimers.[1]


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