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No association between Helicobacter pylori genotypes and antibiotic resistance phenotypes within families.

BACKGROUND: Triple therapy combining a proton pump inhibitor with two antibiotics, e.g. clarythromycin (CLR), metronidazole (MTZ) or amoxicillin (AMX), represents the standard in Helicobacter pylori eradication regimens. Resistance to antimicrobial agents, particularly MTZ (up to 56% in Western countries) and CLR (up to 15% in southern Europe), is frequently observed and may be associated with treatment failure [1]. Recently, several studies indicated that individual H. pylori colonies from a single anatomic site may not always yield identical genotypes, or the identical patterns of susceptibility to antibiotics [2-5]. Representative for every single patient we analyzed 27 H. pylori antrum isolates for susceptibility to antimicrobial agents in order to test whether identical H. pylori genotypes exhibit a similar pattern of susceptibility to antibiotics. METHODS: PCR, RELP, PFGE, antibiotic susceptibility testing. RESULTS: H. pylori genotype and antibiotic susceptibility pattern in families do not segregrate. CONCLUSION: Molecular typing of H. pylori from family members does not predict antibiotic susceptibility pattern.[1]


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