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Presence and localization of CCK receptor subtypes in calf pancreas.

This study was undertaken to confirm the presence of CCK receptor subtypes in calf pancreas and establish their cellular localization. Using specific antibodies against CCKA and CCKB receptors, somatostatin, glucagon and insulin, we were able to confirm by Western blot the presence of both CCK receptor protein subtypes in the calf pancreas as a 80-85-kDa CCKA receptor and 40-45-kDa CCKB receptor. By immunofluorescence, the CCKB receptor colocalizes with the islets' somatostatin delta cells, confirming what was previously shown in other species, as well as on ductal cells. We could not reproduce in the calf its colocalization with glucagon alpha cells as observed in human and rat. Any specific localization of CCKA receptors with our multiple antibodies failed. Our observation that the CCKB receptor subtype is specifically localized on pancreatic delta cells as well as on ductal cells lets us support the hypothesis that in this species, CCK could be involved in somatostatin metabolism as well as hydrelatic secretion; its effect on enzyme secretion would be indirect.[1]


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