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Evaluation of the glutamate decarboxylase genes Gad1 and Gad2 as candidate genes for acute ethanol withdrawal severity in mice.

Previous studies in crosses between the C57BL/6J (B6) and the DBA/2J (D2) mice have implicated a role of the genes encoding for the 67- and 65-kDa isoforms of the glutamate decarboxylase (Gad1 and Gad2) in the manifestation and severity of multiple ethanol-related traits such as acute ethanol withdrawal severity [Buck, K.J., Metten, P., Belknap, J.K., Crabbe, J.C., 1997. Quantitative trait loci involved in genetic predisposition to acute alcohol withdrawal in mice. J. Neurosci. 17, 3946-3955], ethanol preference [Phillips, T.J., Belknap, J.K., Buck, K.J., Cunningham, C.L., 1998. Genes on mouse chromosomes 2 and 9 determine variation in ethanol consumption. Mamm. Genome 9, 936-941] and ethanol-induced locomotion [Demarest, K., McCaughran Jr., J., Mahjubi, E., Cipp, L., Hitzemann, R., 1999. Identification of an acute ethanol response quantitative trait locus on mouse chromosome 2. J. Neurosci. 19, 549-561]. Strain-specific sequencing experiments as well as gene expression studies in drug-naive and ethanol-treated D2 and B6 mice were carried out. The Gad1 sequence was similar, the Gad2 cDNA carried only a silent polymorphism (1017 G>C) between both strains. In addition, no significant GAD65 or GAD67 expression differences were detected in either drug-nai;ve or acute ethanol withdrawn animals by Western blot experiments. Therefore, these results do not support the hypothesis of an involvement of Gad1 or Gad2 in the pathophysiology of acute ethanol withdrawal severity and the other ethanol related traits.[1]


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