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Neurocysticercosis: regional status, epidemiology, impact and control measures in the Americas.

The analysis of epidemiological data concerning human cysticercosis point to important advances in understanding the magnitude and distribution of this parasitic disease in Latin America, as well as the relationship of the elements that conform the life cycle of Taenia solium. The data indicate that the main risk factor for acquiring human neurocysticercosis and swine cysticercosis is the presence of the tapeworm carrier in the household. Therefore, several intervention measures for the control of cysticercosis have been evaluated: mass treatment in order to cure tapeworm carriers, health education towards understanding the risk factors, pig control by restraining them, experimental vaccination of pigs and treatment of swine cysticercosis. In this paper, we review the information obtained in these areas. We hope it will be useful in other endemic countries that wish to elaborate an action plan for the control and ultimate eradication of T. solium.[1]


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