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Pseudorabies virus US3 protein kinase mediates actin stress fiber breakdown.

Disruption of specific components of the host cytoskeleton has been reported for several viruses and is thought to be beneficial for viral replication and spread. Our previous work demonstrated that infection of swine kidney (SK-6) cells with pseudorabies virus (PRV), a swine alphaherpesvirus, induced actin stress fiber breakdown. In the present study, using several PRV deletion mutants, we found that the US3 serine/threonine (S/T) protein kinase is involved in breakdown of actin stress fibers in different PRV-infected cell lines. Further, by transfection assays, we showed that PRV US3 itself, in the absence of other viral proteins, is able to trigger actin stress fiber breakdown when it is localized in sufficient amounts in the nucleus.[1]


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