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Pancreatic triglyceride lipase deficiency minimally affects dietary fat absorption but dramatically decreases dietary cholesterol absorption in mice.

This study generated pancreatic triglyceride lipase (PTL)-null mice to test the hypothesis that PTL- mediated hydrolysis of dietary triglyceride is necessary for efficient dietary cholesterol absorption. The PTL-/- mice grew normally and displayed similar body weight as their PTL+/+ littermates. Plasma lipid levels between animals of various PTL genotypes were similar when they were maintained on either a basal low fat diet or a western-type high fat/high cholesterol diet. Although the lack of a functional PTL delayed fat absorption during the initial hour of feeding a bolus load of olive oil containing [3H]triolein and [14C]cholesterol, the rate of [3H]triolein absorption was similar between PTL+/+ and PTL-/- mice after the initial 1-h period. Importantly, comparison of fecal fat content revealed similar overall fat absorption efficiency between PTL+/+ and PTL-/- mice. In contrast, the PTL-/- mice displayed significant decrease in both the rate and the amount of cholesterol absorbed after a single meal. The plasma appearance of [14C]cholesterol was found to be 75% lower (p < 0.0005) in PTL-/- mice compared with PTL+/+ mice after 4 h. The total amount of [14C]cholesterol excreted in the feces was 45% higher (p < 0.0004) in PTL-/- mice compared with PTL+/+ mice over a 24-h period. These results indicate that the delayed fat digestion due to PTL deficiency results in a significant reduction in cholesterol absorption, although other enzymes in the digestive tract may compensate for the lack of PTL in PTL-/- mice in fat digestion and absorption.[1]


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