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Gene Review

Pnlip  -  pancreatic lipase

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 1810007A24Rik, PL, PTL, Pancreatic lipase, Pancreatic triacylglycerol lipase, ...
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  • Further dissection of c-Fos C-terminal region showed that the degradation-accelerating effect is not contributed by the whole PEST sequence but by a short PTL tripeptide which cannot be considered as a PEST motif and which can act in the absence of any PEST environment [19].
  • Gel-filtration experiments suggested that EPL did not bind strongly to pancreatic lipase, whereas orlistat did [12].
  • The present study assessed the effects of chitin-chitosan on the activity of pancreatic lipase in vitro and on the degree of fat storage induced in mice by the oral administration of a high-fat diet for nine weeks [20].
  • Our examination of PTL genomic clones isolated from a thirteen-lined ground squirrel genomic DNA library, coupled with genomic Southern blot analysis, enabled us to conclude that PTL mRNAs expressed in heart and WAT are the products of the same single-copy gene [21].


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