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Lipoprotein sub-fraction levels and composition in obese subjects before and after gastroplasty.

Obesity is frequently associated with several alterations of plasma lipid levels and lipoprotein metabolism. To evaluate the effects of severe obesity and weight loss on plasma lipoprotein sub-class levels and composition 11 grossly obese patients were examined before and six and 12 months after gastroplasty. Plasma lipoproteins were isolated by ultracentrifugation in a zonal rotor under rate flotation conditions. Mean body weight was 121.9 kg before gastroplasty, 97.6 kg after six months, and 90.7 kg after 12 months. Total plasma cholesterol was not affected by the weight reduction. Obese patients were characterized by increased levels of IDL and small dense LDL (LDL3). LDL levels, but not LDL3, were reduced following weight reduction. Plasma apo B levels of obese patients were always higher than in controls and were not affected by the weight reduction. After 12 month's weight loss total HDL cholesterol increased without modification of HDL sub-class cholesterol distribution, which was similar to that of normal controls. Plasma apo AI in obese patients was not affected by changes in body weight, and remained below normal. The percentage protein-lipid composition of LDL2 and HDL3 in obese patients was characterized by a decreased cholesterol ester content before gastroplasty which was normalized 12 months after gastroplasty. The presence of IDL and LDL3 in increased concentrations in severely obese patients may represent a vascular risk factor since similar abnormalities were recently observed in non-obese patients affected with vascular diseases.[1]


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