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Effect of low neutral endopeptidase expression on response to fMLP.

The effects of the low neutral endopeptidase (24.11/CD10) exhibited by cord blood neutrophils on response to the peptide mediator of cell function f-met-leu-phe (fMLP) were investigated. Oxidative radical release (superoxide and hydrogen peroxide) and chemotactic responses to fMLP were determined and compared to the responses of normal adult neutrophils. The effect of fMLP on CD10 expression as measured by flow cytometry also was evaluated. The data show that cord blood neutrophils produce increased amounts of O2- and H2O2 largely because of a prolonged reaction time to fMLP. In addition, adult polymorphonuclear neutrophil leukocytes increase the intensity of their expression of CD10 following fMLP stimulation, whereas cord blood CD10 expression does not change. Evaluation of chemotaxis demonstrated that cord blood neutrophils exhibited a shift in the fMLP dose-response relationship showing relatively better chemotaxis to lower concentrations. In support of this observation, the inhibition of endopeptidase on adult polymorphonuclear neutrophils leukocytes by phosphoramidon was associated with an augmentation of chemotaxis to 10(-9) and 10(-10) mol/L fMLP. These studies demonstrate that cord blood and adult neutrophils respond differently to fMLP and suggest that membrane endopeptidase plays a role in the observed response patterns. The low level of expression of CD10 on cord blood neutrophils and the failure to increase its expression after fMLP stimulation suggests that adult neutrophils have preformed intracellular CD10 that is not present in the newborn. We propose that the lack of endopeptidase on cord blood neutrophils together with other known features of immaturity may play a role in the overall compromised host defense exhibited by the newborn.[1]


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