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A REB1- binding site is required for GCN4-independent ILV1 basal level transcription and can be functionally replaced by an ABF1-binding site.

The ILV1 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae encodes the first committed step in isoleucine biosynthesis and is regulated by general control of amino acid biosynthesis. Deletion analysis of the ILV1 promoter revealed a GC-rich element important for the basal level expression. This cis-acting element, called ILV1BAS, is functional independently of whether GCN4 protein is present. Furthermore, unlike the situation at HIS4, the magnitude of GCN4-mediated derepression is independent of ILV1BAS. The element has homology to the consensus REB1-binding sequence CGGGTARNNR. Gel retardation assays showed that REB1 binds specifically to this element. We show that REB1- binding sites normally situated in the SIN3 promoter and in the 35S rRNA promoter can substitute for the ILV1 REB1 site. Furthermore, a SIN3 REB1 site containing a point mutation that abolishes REB1 binding does not support ILV1 basal level expression, suggesting that binding of REB1 is important for the control of ILV1 basal level expression. Interestingly, an ABF1- binding site can also functionally replace the ILV1 REB1-binding site. A mutated ABF1 site that displays a very low affinity for ABF1 does not functionally replace the ILV1 REB1 site. This suggests that ABF1 and REB1 may have related functions within the cell. Although the REB1- binding site is required for the ILV1 basal level expression, the site on its own stimulates transcription only slightly when combined with the CYC1 downstream promoter elements, indicating that another ILV1 promoter element functions in combination with the REB1 site to control high basal level expression.[1]


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