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Stimulation of the murine Uchl1 gene promoter by the B-Myb transcription factor.

It has been reported that human lung cancers frequently overexpress both the ubiquitous cell cycle transcription factor B-myb and the ubiquitin carboxyterminal hydrolase UCHL1, an enzyme whose expression is normally limited to neurons and neuroendocrine cells in the lung. A possible explanation for the co-expression of these markers is that Uchl1 is subject to transcriptional regulation by B-Myb, and in tumors the ectopic expression of UCHL1 is a direct consequence of B-Myb overexpression. We have tested this hypothesis in the mouse model system by cloning the murine Uchl1 promoter and analyzing its regulation by murine B-Myb. Expression of a luciferase reporter gene driven by the Uchl1 promoter was induced by cotransfected B-Myb, but induction was not dependent on the presence of a myb consensus binding site identified in the promoter region. B-Myb induction was dependent on the context of the Uchl1 TATA box, as has been reported for other genes. Transgenic mice expressing a truncated, constitutively active form of B-Myb in the lung epithelium showed elevated expression of UCHL1 protein. We conclude that B-Myb can stimulate expression of the Uchl1 both in cultured cells and in vivo.[1]


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