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Polymorphisms of innate immunity genes and susceptibility to lymphatic filariasis.

We examined 906 residents of an area of Papua New Guinea where bancroftian filariasis is endemic for genetic polymorphisms in three innate immunity genes suspected of contributing to susceptibility to infection and lymphatic pathology. Active infection was confirmed by the presence of blood-borne microfilariae and circulating filarial antigen in plasma. Disease was ascertained by physical examination for the presence of overt lymphedema (severe swelling of an arm or leg) or hydrocele. There was no association of infection status, lymphedema of an extremity, or hydrocele with chitotriosidase genotype (CHIT1). Polymorphisms of toll-like receptor-2 and toll-like receptor-4 genes (TLR4 A896G; TLR2 T2178A, G2258A) were not detected (N=200-625 individuals genotyped) except for two individuals heterozygous for a TLR2 mutation (C2029 T). These results indicate that a CHIT1 genotype associated previously with susceptibility to filariasis in residents of southern India and TLR2 and TLR4 polymorphisms do not correlate with infection status or disease phenotype in this Melanesian population.[1]


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