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The anti-leukemic Bruton's tyrosine kinase inhibitor alpha-cyano-beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl-N-(2,5-dibromophenyl) propenamide (LFM-A13) prevents fatal thromboembolism.

The leflunomide metabolite analog alpha-cyano-beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl-N-(2,5-dibromophenyl)-propenamide (LFM-A13) is a rationally-designed specific inhibitor of the TEC family protein tyrosine kinase, Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) which plays an important role in platelet physiology by regulating the glycoprotein GPVI-FcRgamma-coupled collagen receptor signaling pathway. At low micromolar concentrations, LFM-A13 inhibited collagen-induced ultrastructural changes indicative of activation. LFM-A13 inhibited collagen (but not thrombin, TRAP-6, or ADP)-induced platelet aggregation in a concentration-dependent fashion with an IC50 value of 2.8 microM. LFM-A13 was not toxic to mice when administered systemically at dose levels ranging from 1 to 100 mg/kg. At nontoxic dose levels, LFM-A13 prolonged the tail bleeding times of mice and improved event-free survival in two mouse models of agonist-induced invariably fatal pulmonary thromboembolism. To our knowledge, LFM-A13 is the first anti-thrombotic agent which prevents platelet aggregation by inhibiting BTK.[1]


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