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Clarifications on breakpoints in HSAX and BTAX by comparative mapping of F9, HPRT, and XIST in cattle.

The coagulation factor IX gene (F9), the hypoxanthine phosphoribosyl transferase 1 gene (HPRT1), and the X-inactive specific transcript gene (XIST) were physically assigned in cattle to analyze chromosomal breakpoints on BTAX recently identified by radiation hybrid (RH) mapping experiments. Whereas the FISH assignment of XIST indicates a similar location on the q-arm of the human and cattle X chromosomes, the locus of HPRT1 supported the assumption of a chromosome rearrangement between the distal half of the q-arm of HSAX and the p-arm of BTAX identified by RH mapping. F9 previously located on the q-arm of BTAX was assigned to the p-arm of BTAX using RH mapping and FISH. The suggested new position of F9 close to HPRT1 supports the homology between HSAXq and BTAXp. The F9 locus corresponds with the gene order found in the homologous human chromosome segment. XIST was assigned on BTAXq23, HPRT1 and F9 were mapped to BTAXp22, and the verification of the location of F9 in a 5000 rad cattle-hamster whole genome radiation hybrid panel linked the gene to markers URB10 and HPRT1.[1]


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