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Morphological changes associated with growth inhibition of Trichophyton mentagrophytes by amorolfine.

Amorolfine inhibited the in-vitro growth of Trichophyton mentagrophytes to some extent at a low drug concentration of 0.8 ng/ml. Corresponding to the growth inhibition, SEM studies revealed a slight modification of hyphal morphology, i.e. a waving of the hyphal surface. These morphological alterations were more extensive with increases in drug concentration and treatment period: collapsed and distorted hyphae and exfoliation of the surface of T. mentagrophytes occurred at 8 ng/ml and marked deformation and disruption of the hyphal structure at 80 ng/ml of amorolfine. TEM revealed thickening of the cell walls and the accumulation of electron-dense granular structures in both the wall and cytoplasm in thin-sectioned cells pretreated with 8 ng/ml or more of amorolfine, although the nuclear and mitochondrial architecture was not noticeably influenced. Cytoplasmic membranes and other membranous structures of organelles such as nuclei and mitochondria were disrupted or fused, thereby losing their essential physiological activity in hyphal cells pretreated with 80 ng/ml of amorolfine. The ultrastructural study thus supports the observation that morphological changes of T. mentagrophytes caused by amorolfine were associated with its growth-inhibitory and killing activity, which depended on the drug concentration and treatment time.[1]


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