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Localization of carboxypeptidase A-like enzyme in rat kidney.

In this study we demonstrate that carboxypeptidase A (CPA)-like enzyme is expressed in rat kidney. The major metabolites of angiotensin (Ang) I by the rat renal mesangial cell extract at 37 degrees C, pH 7.4, were Ang 1-9 and Ang II. Quinaprilat did not influence the formation of Ang 1-9, but it inhibited formation of Ang II. The formation of Ang 1-9 was inhibited by potato carboxypeptidase inhibitor, 1,10-phenanthroline or EDTA. Lowering the pH from 7.4 to 4.0 also inhibited the formation of this nonapeptide. These findings suggest that a metallocarboxypeptidase is responsible for Ang 1-9 production. Using monoclonal antibodies to CPA, Western blot showed the presence of CPA-like enzyme in the extracts prepared from the mesangial cells or kidney cortex of the rat. Immunohistochemistry showed that CPA-like enzyme is localized in the mesangial glomerular cells and adventitia of kidney blood vessels, whereas it was absent in the renal tubules. Our data suggest that a CPA-like enzyme could be added to a repertoire of enzymes present in the rat mesangial cells and adventitia of renal blood vessels.[1]


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