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Kidney Cortex

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Disease relevance of Kidney Cortex


High impact information on Kidney Cortex

  • Immunofluorescence studies in human kidney cortex revealed that ATP6N1B localizes almost exclusively to the apical surface of -intercalated cells [6].
  • Recently, we found that testosterone induces an early (less than 60s), Ca2+- and receptor-dependent stimulation of endocytosis, hexose transport and amino acid transport in mouse kidney cortex involving the proximal tubules [7].
  • We now report that testosterone evokes a rapid (less than 30 s), transient increase in ODC activity and a sustained increase in polyamines in kidney cortex [7].
  • Expression of cPLA(2) results in dispersion of giantin and beta-COP from their normal, condensed Golgi localization, and in marked disruption of the Golgi cisternae. cPLA(2) is present in Golgi fractions from noninfected LLC-PK(1) cells and rat kidney cortex [8].
  • Total RNAs were isolated from both duodenum and kidney cortex, and the VDR and calbindin mRNA levels were determined by Northern blot hybridization using specific cDNA probes [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Kidney Cortex


Biological context of Kidney Cortex


Anatomical context of Kidney Cortex


Associations of Kidney Cortex with chemical compounds


Gene context of Kidney Cortex

  • Nox4 protein expression was increased in diabetic kidney cortex compared with non-diabetic controls and was down-regulated in AS-treated animals [29].
  • Identification of endothelin receptor subtypes in rat kidney cortex using subtype-selective ligands [30].
  • COX-2 expression in kidney cortex was assessed by immunohistochemical staining and by semiquantitative ribonuclease protection assay for COX-2 mRNA [31].
  • Most of the tumors (65%) exhibited higher cyclin E levels than corresponding normal kidney cortex tissues [32].
  • METHODS: The kidney cortex and medulla of male and female RLX+/+ and RLX-/- mice at various ages were analyzed for collagen content, concentration, and types [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Kidney Cortex


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