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Lipolytic and esterolytic activities in posterior lingual glands of rat: a histochemical study.

Catalytic activities of lingual lipase were investigated by enzyme histochemistry in post-mortem tongues from male rats. Sections of fresh-frozen or formalin-calcium fixed tissue were incubated with naphthol-AS-nonanoate and alpha-naphthyl acetate substrate mixtures. The effects of pH level, sodium taurocholate activator and E600 inhibitor were also examined. The use of cryostat sections of tissues fixed in formalin-calcium and of nonanoate substrate within the range of pH 4.4-6.4, were optimal for localizing maximum reaction product, captured by Fast Blue BB, in acini and demilunes of the posterior deep and superficial lingual glands respectively. The reaction product corresponded with the distribution of secretory granules and failed to develop when taurocholate was omitted from the incubation medium. Similarly localized E600-resistant reaction product occurred with the acetate substrate and hexazotized New Fuchsin at pH 7.4, in the absence of taurocholate. Lipase and conventional esterase activities appear to be superimposed in posterior lingual glands of rat. The ability of their acini and demilunes to hydrolyse nonanoate substrate at an acidic pH optimum, when activated by sodium taurocholate, seems attributable to lipase destined for secretion into saliva--hence convenient for routine histochemical identification of the enzyme.[1]


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