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Gene Review

Lipf  -  lipase, gastric

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: GL, Gastric lipase, Gastric triacylglycerol lipase, Lingual lipase, RNLIP, ...
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Biological context of Lipf


Anatomical context of Lipf

  • In contrast, the dorsal GL was disrupted, and Schwann cells were seen within the dorsal funiculus [14].
  • The ventral GL of the rat lumbosacral spinal cord is a more substantial structure than the dorsal GL during normal development [14].
  • However, our observations suggest that subpial astrocytes of the dorsal GL are more susceptible to radiation damage at three DP than the subpial astrocytes and radial glia of the ventral GL [14].
  • This inactivation is not prevented by colipase but is partially averted by lipids and protein, suggesting that lingual lipase can remain active in the duodenum [12].
  • A substantial portion of rat milk triglycerides was hydrolyzed in the ligated stomach of suckling rats with excised lingual gland and pancreas, due to the action of gastric lipase [15].

Associations of Lipf with chemical compounds

  • Purified rat lingual lipase (EC3113), a glycoprotein of approximate molecular weight 52,000, was used to generate polyclonal antibodies which were able to recognise the denatured and deglycosylated enzyme [7].
  • We focused on the gustatory sense and investigated the significance of lingual lipase in the perception of a fat taste by using orlistat, a potent lipase inhibitor [10].
  • Radioactive triolein applied on rats' circumvallate papilla revealed that lingual lipase was released continuously to generate significant amounts of fatty acids and other lipolytic products within 1-5 s, which was enough time to taste fat [10].
  • The effect of guanethidine was found to be transient, in that the lingual lipase activity showed complete recovery upon withdrawal of the treatment for 1 week [16].
  • The results suggest a unique bimodal regulation of lingual lipase by dexamethasone in the rat serous glands [17].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lipf


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