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Chemical Compound Review

CTK2F4386     4-benzamido-2,5-diethoxy- benzenediazonium

Synonyms: ZINC03861466, FT-0626386, AC1L38JC, 5486-84-0, 15518-68-0, ...
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High impact information on Fast blue BB

  • Another molecular complex, made of mouse anti-Ia MAb with alkaline phosphatase-linked rabbit anti-mouse immunoglobulins, applied at the same time and then developed with naphthol AS-BI-phosphate/fast blue BB as substrate, yielded blue surface staining of this cell type in addition to labeling of B-lymphocytes [1].
  • Cathepsin B activity is demonstrated histochemically with a post-coupling method using Z-Arg-Arg-4-methoxy-2-naphthylamide as substrate and Fast Blue BB as coupling reagent in unfixed and undecalcified cryostat sections of whole rat knee joints [2].
  • An alternative approach using immunoperoxidase (red-brown) and immunoalkaline phosphatase (Fast Blue, BB, blue) methods was also successful, particularly for frozen sections of unfixed tissue and for the establishment of intermediate filament coexpression in tumours [3].
  • Staining with naphthol AS phosphate and Fast Blue BB salt has been used for the estimation of neutrophil alkaline phosphatase (NAP) scores in patients with chronic granulocytic leukaemia (CGL) [4].
  • If different diazonium salts were used for the visualization of the alkaline phosphatase activity (e.g. Fast Red TR Salt, Fast Blue BB Salt) desmin- and vimentin-like immunoreactivity can be demonstrated in the same tissue section in a double sequential staining approach [5].

Gene context of Fast blue BB


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