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Kruppel-like factors regulate the Lama1 gene encoding the laminin alpha1 chain.

Laminin-1 (alpha1beta1gamma1), a basement membrane (BM) constituent, has been associated with differentiation processes and also with malignant progression. In the intestinal tissue, the alpha1 chain is expressed and secreted in the subepithelial BM during the developmental period; in the adult rodent tissue, it is restricted to the BM of the dividing cells. To understand how laminin alpha1 chain expression is regulated, we cloned and characterized a 2-kb promoter region of the Lama1 mouse gene. Analysis of the promoter was conducted in the Caco2-TC7 intestinal epithelial cells by transient transfection of serially deleted and site-directed mutated promoter constructs, by electrophoretic mobility shift assays, and expression of selected transcription factors. We determined that a proximal region, which includes an Sp1-binding GC box and a Krüppel-like element, was important for the promoter activity. This region is conserved between the human and mouse genes. Interestingly, two Krüppel-like factors KLF4 and KLF5 exhibit opposing effects on the Lama1 promoter activity that are decreased and increased, respectively, in the intestinal epithelial cells. These data corroborate the complementary expression of KLF4 and KLF5 along the intestinal crypt-villus axis and the parallel expression of KLF5 and laminin alpha1 chain in the crypt region. Finally, we showed that glucocorticoids stimulate the promoter activity. This study is the first characterization of the Lama1 promoter; we identified regulatory elements that may account for the expression pattern of the endogenous protein in the mouse intestine.[1]


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