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Increased microtubule stability and alpha tubulin acetylation in cells transfected with microtubule- associated proteins MAP1B, MAP2 or tau.

We previously transfected MAP2, tau and MAP1B cDNA into fibroblasts and have studied the effect of expression of these microtubule-associated proteins on microtubule organization. In this study, we examined some additional characteristics of microtubule bundles and arrays formed in fibroblasts transfected with these microtubule-associated proteins. It was found that microtubule bundles formed in MAP2c- or tau-transfected cells were stabilized against microtubule depolymerizing reagents and were enriched in acetylated alpha tubulin. When mouse MAP1B cDNA was expressed following transfection into COS cells, MAP1B was localized along microtubule arrays, but no extensive reorganization of microtubules such as bundle formation was observed, in agreement with our previous finding using HeLa and 3T3 cells. However, stabilization of microtubules was indicated: (a) microtubules in MAP1B-transfected cells were stabilized against a microtubule depolymerizing reagent, although stabilization was less efficient than that seen in MAP2c- or tau-transfected cells, and (b) microtubules in MAP1B-transfected cells were enriched in acetylated alpha tubulin. These results suggest that neuronal microtubule-associated proteins introduced into fibroblasts by cDNA transfection stabilize microtubules and affect the state of post-translational modification of tubulin.[1]


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