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Zinc finger protein ZNF202 structure and function in transcriptional control of HDL metabolism.

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The zinc finger protein ZNF202 is a transcriptional repressor controlling promoter elements predominantly found in genes involved in lipid metabolism and energy homeostasis. Here we summarize the structure, regulation and modulation of ZNF202 function by protein interactions. RECENT FINDINGS: We review recent data and discuss the importance of the steadily growing list of ZNF202 target genes, defining a central role for ZNF202 as a key transcriptional regulator in metabolic disorders. Furthermore, we provide an interlink between transcriptional repression by ZNF202 and enhancement of gene activation via nuclear receptor coactivation by SCAN domain protein 1. SUMMARY: The novel findings suggest that ZNF202 together with other SCAN domain proteins orchestrates a complex transcriptional regulatory network, which justifies a further exploration of its potential as a therapeutic target in lipid disorders such as atherosclerosis and associated metabolic syndromes.[1]


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