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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and the substance use disorders: the nature of the relationship, subtypes at risk, and treatment issues.

There is a strong literature supporting a relationship between ADHD and SUD. Clearly, ADHD adolescents with conduct or bipolar disorder as partof their clinical picture are at the highest risk for SUD. ADHD without comorbidity appears to confer an intermediate risk factor for SUD that appears to manifest in young adults and college students. Both family genetic and self-medication influences may be operational in the development and continuation of SUD in ADHD subjects: however, systematic data are lacking. Patients with ADHD and SUD require multi-modal intervention incorporating addiction and mental health treatment. Pharmacotherapy in individuals with ADHD and SUD needs to take into consideration abuse liability, potential drug interactions, and compliance concerns.Although the existing literature has provided important information on the relationship of ADHD and SUD, it also points to a number of areas in need of further study. The mechanism by which untreated ADHD leads toSUD and the risk reduction of ADHD treatment on later SUD, needs to be understood better. The influence of adequateness of treatment of ADHD on later SUD needs to be delineated. Given the prevalence and major morbidity and impairment caused by SUD and ADHD. prevention and treatment strategies for these patients need to be developed and evaluated further.[1]


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