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Self Medication

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Disease relevance of Self Medication

  • The results should not be construed as pointing to a potential way of preventing lung cancer in individuals who continue to smoke or as supporting self-medication with large doses of folate or B12 by smokers [1].
  • The patient treated with DBS developed severe dyskinesia a few days after discharge and began self medication with amantadine but showed no improvement [2].
  • We describe a patient with rheumatoid arthritis and widespread joint and periarticular calcinosis related to self-medication with vitamin D, which was aggravated by oral phosphate therapy prescribed for her hypercalcaemia [3].
  • Patient self-medication with over-the-counter products, including H2-receptor antagonists, may have an impact on the potential for reducing the recurrence of peptic ulcer disease in patients with H pylori infection [4].
  • Evaluation of the 132 cases of chronic hypervitaminosis-A showed that approximately one quarter cannot be considered as genuine cases, whereas the rest is divided almost equally between vitamin A prescription and self-medication [5].

Psychiatry related information on Self Medication


High impact information on Self Medication

  • Self-medication with zidovudine that was not [9].
  • FINDINGS: After losses from follow-up (11) or because of self-medication with quinine (four), 41 patients treated with chloroquine and 40 treated with pyronaridine were analysed [10].
  • 6.6% of all Australian patients attending an antenatal clinic were found to be taking salicylate preparations regularly, most commonly in powder form and almost always as self-medication [11].
  • INTERVENTION: Self-medication with hydrazine sulfate [12].
  • Separate causal mechanisms in each direction might also operate, including self-medication of depressed mood as a factor in smoking progression and neuropharmacologic effects of nicotine and other smoke substances on neurotransmitter systems linked to depression [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of Self Medication


Biological context of Self Medication


Anatomical context of Self Medication


Associations of Self Medication with chemical compounds


Gene context of Self Medication

  • This pattern of cocaine use is consistent with clinical descriptions of self-medication of residual symptoms of ADHD in cocaine abusers [25].
  • These data indicate intranasal glucagon as a possible emergency remedy for self-medication in insulin-treated patients prone to hypoglycemic episodes [26].
  • Comments on the report of the BSAC working party (WP) on self-medication of antibacterials without prescription [27].
  • 4. Knowledge about dosages, the possibility of adverse reactions, and the seriousness of potential poisoning with OTC drugs was inadequate and needs to be corrected for more efficient self-medication [28].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Successful MDI/DED teaching followed by self-medication is feasible in the emergency setting, based on a simple protocol [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Self Medication


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