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Disease relevance of Comorbidity


Psychiatry related information on Comorbidity


High impact information on Comorbidity

  • PATIENTS: Forty-seven opioid-dependent patients who had been receiving methadone maintenance therapy in an NTP without evidence of illicit drug use for 1 year and without significant untreated psychiatric comorbidity were randomized; 1 patient refused to participate after treatment assignment to NTP [11].
  • After adjusting for age, sex, race, socioeconomic status, disease duration, and severity of diabetes and comorbidities, insulin users had slightly more laboratory tests performed, 2.4 more outpatient visits per year, and almost 300 more fingersticks for home glucose testing per year compared with sulfonylurea users (all P<.01) [12].
  • CONCLUSION: Our findings support the use of erythromycin as recommended by the ATS guidelines for outpatients aged 60 years or younger with no comorbidity [13].
  • Comorbidity of mental disorders and nicotine dependence [14].
  • By Cox regression analysis, survival was independently predicted by older age, abnormal gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) levels, and presence of medical comorbidities at baseline [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Comorbidity


Biological context of Comorbidity


Anatomical context of Comorbidity

  • CONCLUSIONS: Depression, a common psychiatric comorbidity among patients with chronic temporal lobe epilepsy, seems to be undertreated and to have adverse effects on cognitive functioning [26].
  • The aim of this study was to investigate thiotepa (TT) and fludarabine (Fluda) as a preparative regimen for allogeneic peripheral stem cell transplant in patients not eligible for a standard myeloablative regimen due to comorbidities and/or poor performance status [27].
  • Other independent predictors of poor outcome determined by multivariate analysis included history of congestive heart failure, male gender, increased number of comorbidities, higher serum blood urea nitrogen, and lower serum sodium [28].
  • Preoperative and operative variables analyzed for each patient were gender, age, American Society of Anesthesiologists score, comorbidities, indication for surgery, etiology of the disease, presence and grade of peritonitis, preoperative creatinine, hematocrit, hemoglobin, and leukocyte count, need for preoperative and operative transfusion [29].
  • RESULTS: With increasing comorbidity (increase in CIRS score) in older adults, there is a proportional decrease in immune response (decrease in T cell proliferation and IL-12 production and increase in IL-10 production in response to PHA stimulation) [30].

Associations of Comorbidity with chemical compounds


Gene context of Comorbidity

  • CONCLUSION: The increased expression of HLA-DQ and IL-1alpha may indicate systemic endothelial activation in extra-articular RA, which could be of importance for cardiovascular comorbidity and mortality in such patients [34].
  • RESULTS: sE-selectin levels were associated with CRP level (p=0.012), WBC (p=0.037), active joint count (p=0.019), progression of joint destruction (p=0.038), and HAQ score at five years (p=0.021), but not with extra-articular symptoms or comorbidity [35].
  • Adiponectin: a link between excess adiposity and associated comorbidities [36]?
  • CRF subtype 1 receptors are involved in the colonic and anxiogenic responses to stress and may have clinical relevance in the comorbidity of anxiety/depression and irritable bowel syndrome [37].
  • ADHD not otherwise specified (NOS) was the most common subtype and comorbidity rates were low [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Comorbidity


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