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Gamma-irradiation modulates vascular smooth muscle cell and extracellular matrix function: Implications for neointimal development.

OBJECTIVE: Migration of vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs) into the subintimal space, and their proliferation and resultant deposition of extracellular matrix are key processes in the development of intimal hyperplasia, leading to vascular recurrent stenosis. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of clinically administered doses of gamma-radiation on SMCs and extracellular matrix proteins in vitro, to better understand how it impinges on cellular and extracellular components of recurrent stenosis. METHODS: The effects of gamma-irradiation (10, 20 Gy) on SMC migration into three-dimensional collagen matrix gels was quantitated by calibrated light microscopy, and the release of metalloproteinases into conditioned media was investigated with an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and zymography. Collagen production was assayed with [(3)H]-proline incorporation, and SMC phenotype changes with confocal microscopy with a fluorescent alpha-actin antibody. The effect of gamma-irradiation on extracellular matrix was investigated by quantitating untreated SMC proliferation ((3)H-thymidine incorporation) on irradiated endothelial cell-derived matrix and by assessing structural collagen matrix changes with sodium dodecylsulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. All groups were compared with nonirradiated control groups. RESULTS: SMC vertical migration was significantly decreased by gamma-irradiation (48% and 55%, respectively; P <.0001). Irradiation did not generate measurable matrix protein crosslinks, nor did it alter the production of metalloproteinases or collagen synthesis. However, gamma-irradiation decreased the ability of extracellular matrix to induce nonirradiated SMC proliferation (15% reduction; P =.0028). Moreover, gamma-irradiation reversed the secretory phenotype of cultured SMCs to a contractile type. CONCLUSIONS: The gamma-irradiation-induced reduction of cellular migration, changes in SMC phenotype, and functional activity of matrix-bound factors, and no measurable effects on the production of extracellular matrix proteins, may in part explain the diverse effects of gamma-irradiation on the restenotic response.[1]


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