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Selective complexation and transport of europium ions at the interface of vesicles.

The aim of the present work was to design functionalized lipidic membranes that can selectively interact with lanthanide ions at the interface and to exploit the interaction between membranes induced by this molecular-recognition process with a view to building up self-assembled vesicles or controlling the permeability of the membrane to lanthanide ions. Amphiphilic molecules bearing a beta-diketone unit as head group were synthesized and incorporated into phospholipidic vesicles. Binding of Eu(III) ions to the amphiphilic ligand can lead to formation of a complex involving ligands of the same vesicle membrane (intravesicular complex) or of two different vesicles (intervesicular complex). The effect of Eu(III) ions on vesicle behavior was studied by complementary techniques such as fluorimetry, light scattering, and electron microscopy. The formation of an intravesicular luminescent Eu/beta-diketone ligand (1/2) complex was demonstrated. The linear increase in the binding constant with increasing concentration of ligands in the membrane revealed a cooperative effect of the ligands distributed in the vesicle membrane. The luminescence of this complex can be exploited to monitor the kinetics of complexation at the interface of the vesicles, as well as ion transport across the membrane. By encapsulation of 2,6-dipicolinic acid (DPA) as a competing ligand which forms a luminescent Eu/DPA complex, the kinetics of ion transport across the membrane could be followed. These functional vesicles were shown to be an efficient system for the selective transport of Eu(III) ions across a membrane with assistance by beta-diketone ligands.[1]


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