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Sensitivity of human adenoviruses to different groups of chemical biocides.

As it is no longer readily permissible to propagate polioviruses, adenoviruses will probably become more frequently used for virucidal testing of broad-spectrum disinfectants. We tested prototype strains of different adenovirus serotypes belonging to the subgenera C and D for sensitivity to liposomal povidone-iodine (PVP-I), peracetic acid (PAA) and formaldehyde. Virucidal assays were performed as suspension tests in accordance with the German guidelines for testing the effectiveness of chemical disinfectants against viruses. The sensitivity of the adenovirus serotypes to test disinfectants varied greatly. Prototype strains of adenovirus 5 and 44 statistically selected as 'little sensitive' to PVP-I, PAA and formaldehyde were found to be the most resistant. These might be suitable as model viruses for testing the broad-spectrum virucidal activity of disinfectants and might even replace the resistant poliovirus type 1. The main reason for the different chemical sensitivity of adenovirus serotypes may be the composition of the viral capsid proteins. Alternatively a different chemical inactivation of the viral genome could be involved.[1]


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