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Different expression pattern of hepcidin genes in the liver and pancreas of C57BL/6N and DBA/2N mice.

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Male C57BL/6 and DBA/2 mice differ in their liver iron content. The aim of this study was to examine possible differences in the expression of hepcidin genes (Hamp and Hamp2) between the two strains. METHODS: Hepatic mRNAs were quantified by real-time PCR. RESULTS: Ferroportin1, transferrin receptor 2 and HAMP mRNA levels displayed no significant strain differences. However, HAMP2 mRNA levels were higher in DBA/2N mice. In both strains, HAMP2 mRNA content was sex-dependent, with higher values in female animals. Both hepatic HAMP and HAMP2 mRNA levels were elevated by iron overload, but treatment with lipopolysaccharide increased only HAMP mRNA. Lipopolysaccharide also elevated the amount of HAMP mRNA in the pancreas, while pancreatic HAMP2 mRNA levels were decreased. Sequence analysis of hepcidin amplicons from DBA/2N mice predicted an Asn-->Lys substitution at position 73 of the HAMP peptide and a Ser-->Phe substitution at position 76 of the HAMP2 peptide. CONCLUSIONS: Hepatic Hamp2 expression displays considerable strain- and sex-dependent variation. Lipopolysaccharide increases expression of Hamp both in the liver and pancreas, but Hamp2 does not respond to lipopolysaccharide treatment. The significance of the amino acid substitutions in hepcidin peptides in DBA/2N mice is at present unknown.[1]


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