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Gene Review

Hamp  -  hepcidin antimicrobial peptide

Mus musculus

Synonyms: HEPC1, Hamp1, Hepc, Hepc1, Hepcidin
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Disease relevance of Hamp1


High impact information on Hamp1

  • Mice with deficiencies in the hemochromatosis gene product, Hfe, mounted a general inflammatory response after injection of lipopolysaccharide but lacked appropriate Hamp expression and did not develop hyposideremia [3].
  • Confirming our prior results, Hepc1(-/-) mice developed early and severe multivisceral iron overload, with sparing of the spleen macrophages, and demonstrated increased serum iron and ferritin levels as compared with their controls [5].
  • These data provide evidence that hepc2 does not act on iron metabolism like hepc1 and give clues for the identification of amino acids important for the iron-regulatory action of the mature 25-amino acid peptide [6].
  • We recently described the severe iron-deficient anemia phenotype in transgenic mice overexpressing hepc1 in the liver [6].
  • Hamp regulation due to iron did not appear dependent on transcription-level changes of the murine homolog of Hemojuvelin (Rgmc) [2].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hamp1


Biological context of Hamp1


Associations of Hamp1 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of Hamp1

  • The aim of this study was to examine possible differences in the expression of hepcidin genes (Hamp and Hamp2) between the two strains [8].
  • Insertion of a retroviral intracisternal A-particle element was found upstream of the HEPC1 gene [9].


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